Montana Fowler Art

Montana is an acrylic painter based in Montreal, QC. Her practice consists of work on canvas, in sketchbooks, and on paper. She works in a shared studio space in Ateliers3333.

Through her style of unblended mark-making, Montana creates acrylic, mixed-media paintings depicting landscapes of belonging. A member of both artist and software developer communities, Montana is curious about why we place limitations on ourselves to belong.

In Montana's latest collection, Unexpected Gifts, she made five large paintings on canvases she built herself.

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In 2017, Montana's interests in different art mediums (film, book-making, layout design+) coalesced in her love for painting. After her first painting course with prof. Wendy Edwards, she knew she would continue to paint for the rest of her life. She fell in love with the way painting felt... playing with liquid color on a surface, an endless puzzle of experimentation. She loved playing with the degree of control using different tools, paint consistencies, and layering styles.

Montana's current studio space in Ateliers3333

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