Montana Fowler Art

Spring Pieces

May 2022

Spring in Montreal has Montana painting in greens... the new grass, the flowers... she made it through her first Canadian winter. It was long, but everything tastes sweeter now.

Hideout (2022)

acrylic, ink & pastel on canvas

24 x 30"

$360 USD | $455 CAD

Hideout has a tree house color palette that invites you to climb right in. It’s dark shapes surround a warmer center. This composition gives the piece structure. While big shapes give the piece a bold composition from far away, up close there are fun details to investigate: ink drips, thin layers, and pastel scribbles.

Mystery Spot (2022)

acrylic, ink & pastel on canvas

24 x 24"

SOLD, found a home in Providence, RI

Mystery Spot’s hazy layers give it an atmospheric look. It’s spacious with its greys and greens having subtle color shifts between the birdlike darker shapes.


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